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Help the community from rural areas of Burundi to restore the degraded land

our Vision is

” To Create a healthy planet for a healthy         Community”

Education for Community

Education is the key, to make long lasting and significant changes. The focus of our Education project is empowerment through teaching, We want to sow the knowledge necessary to enable vulnerable communities, the necessary foundations for sustainable development

Healthcare for the farmers

Burundi is confronted with the huge problem of inaccessibility to healthcare, the rural area in particular is characterised by this issue, PVC Burundi initiated this initiative to meet the needs of farmers who are grouped in cooperatives, in addition to business initiatives for the creation of income by participating in regeneration and ecological activities, we promote access to health services for those farmers who work for the restoration of land to increase agricultural production but also for their family members.

Regenerative Agriculture

we have to feed the communities, we have to restore our land to increase agricultural production and create small businesses in our villages.<br /> We operate in an area where more than 95% say they are farmers, and also they are, the problem is the inadequacy in the agricultural techniques used, PVC Burundi, makes available solutions, so that the farmers can really be farmers worthy of their name, we want farmers to become sure engines for the increase of agricultural production and the development of the country.<br /> The promotion of old agricultural techniques that respect the good health of the soil, human and biodiversity, is the cause of our interventions in the agricultural field, especially in the promotion of permaculture, and agriculture based on ecology.

Ecological Practises

Years ago, in Burundi, there was no talk of famine, it was an undeveloped country, but the intelligence of our older generations managed to ensure the management of the environment, people have become numerous year after year , the exploitation of nature in search of resources to live, have contributed a lot in the destruction of our fauna, life has become more difficult, in our days, climate change, continues to manifest itself with its consequences, PVC Burundi works for the restoration of a community where men, the community, nature and its biodiversity live in harmony, where each component benefits from the other the other the necessary to be in good health.

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Perfect Village Communities ”PVC”Burundi, it’s a social enterprise based in Bujumbura- Burundi. Our mission is to tackle hunger and poverty in rural communities, where 58% of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition. We aim to alleviate this suffering by teaching communities environmentally friendly farming techniques, soil cultivation and environment regeneration systems.

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