There is no other global emergency than having more than 40% of families in rural areas, who do not receive food during the day, with a rate of children under 5 years of age with malnutrition estimated at more than 58% in rural areas

Who We Are?

when we look at the Burundi landscape, we observe cultivable land, but in these cultivable land, we cannot see any healthy agricultural crops and if the crops are not in good health, nothing guarantees the good health of the communities , nor of the plants, the forests are degraded. A consensual community cannot live for centuries and centuries in this situation, we must take action. These are the words that led our founder, a young social activist who is from the same community, to encourage communities to come together around regenerative activities, to meet the needs of the community, the planet and the environment.

PVC Burundi it is a social enterprise, created in Burundi East Africa, it is operating in rural communities of Burundi, our solutions and innovations are based into regenerative agriculture and ecology practices, to improve the living conditions for the farmers and the communities in general, living in rural areas, while growing the economies and the social cohesion in the rural communities, but also promoting the access to the health services for this rural  community.

Since the creation in 2020, PVC launched a regenerative movement, which regrouped especially the youth and the women from the rural region, in order to regrouped them around regenerative activities, by producing trees nurseries, with different use, restoring the degraded land, forest, and biodiversity, while regenerate the humanity.

Local initiatives can provide lasting solutions, especially in the face of the problems they encounter in their way of life, it is part of our conviction that allows us to imagine in the broad sense, the character of the communities we want to create, the development in which we want to live.

How Can You Help?

Education for Community

Education is the key to make long lasting and significant changes. The focus of our Education project is empowerment through teaching, let award the necessary skills to the community, so that tehy can change themselves their living situation.
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Everyone searches for a role model in their life; you must have searched and found one too. With PVC Burundi, volunteering with us, you get the chance to become someone’s role model.<br /> Can you imagine how your skills can change our Community? Let try together.
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All people deserve to live safe and healthy lives. Make a donation to support one of the world's most vulnerable communities, to create a better planet for a healthy Community!
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