Rural women, fair distributors of family incomes!

In our rural environment in Burundi, more than 95% of the population lives by agriculture and animal husbandry, and a large part of this population is women.

The man is considered as the head of the family as the bible says, it is of course him who should bear many of the family’s expenses as some do; if women become tempters of money, they become good distributors of income for family needs.

A woman who has sold a quantity of her own production as business owner, she becomes autonomous because she goes to the market, first she buy food for the family, she also buys a loincloth for herself, she also bought clothes for the children, again for her husband.

In the evening when she comes home, she behaves like nothing has happened. She has to do so because she wants fun and love in her family, and also her capacity at the community level. Additionally, she reserves money because, she knows that if once one of her family members falls il it is she who will be challenged, for that she makes reserves in income.

Why PVC Burundi works with women in income generation in rural areas?

Firstly because the rural environment is impoverished, women become the most vulnerable of women more than men, because they are always placed near their children

We want women to become contributing engines in the satisfaction of family needs, through the regenerative business activities.

How do we helping them get there?

Our agricultural projects brings communities together by striving and working for a common purpose.​

Initially we must teach agricultural processes and techniques for these women.

Passing on this knowledge is the foundation of all our activities. We also need to provide the necessary tools and equipment for the women groupments.

The main objective is to grow food to tackle the problem of starvation, the secondary objective is to produce sufficient quantities to be able to generate income which will be used to improve healthcare services and educational facilities and other families basically needs.

Farming is the livelihood of over 95% of Burundians especially women.

Agriculture began on land regeneration, we give knowledge to these women to restore abandoned land in cultivable land to do it in their fields, but also to generate income.

Objectives agriculture for production and marketing through our interventions we want to increase agricultural production in our locality to feed families but also the creation of income.

We help rural women to generate income through the creation of tree nurseries, by reforesting the forest,

we restore millions of degrated lands, we reforest forest, we create income, we success to finance the family basically needs.

Are you interested to partner with us, you can and you are welcome?

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