Raise holistic awareness among vulnerable communities by providing knowledge and skills on sustainable practices.

Our vision

A Healthy Planet for a Healthy Community

Community Education

Healthcare for farmers

Regenerative Agriculture

Ecological Practices

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Perfect Village Communities ”PVC”Burundi, it’s a social entreprise based in Bujumbura- Burundi. Our mission is to tackle hunger and poverty in rural communities where 58% of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition. We aim to alleviate this suffering by teaching communities environmentally friendly farming techniques, soil cultivation and environment regeneration systems.

How we work and our values

we Strengthen the Community,towards sustainable development, we diversify the economies models, from the simple action, to the sustaible business anf projects.





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PVC Burundi, the Solution, to restore the degraded land in rural araes of Burundi!

why PVC is running this project? PVC Burundi as a social enterprise operates in the rural region of Burundi, our interventions continue from region to region, in order to reach other regions and the whole country in general in the
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