The planet/earth is our heritage, for our former parents, for the present generation, and for the future generation, all our activities, programs, projects, converge towards the design of a healthy planet for a healthy community.


Our agricultural projects brings communities together by striving and working for a common purpose.

More than 95% of the Burundian population and in particular within our rural environment, lives from agriculture and animal husbandry. However, unfortunately, no family can produce sufficient yield of decent quality in order to overcome famine and secure a production beyond the following month. Lack of education and the use of poorly adapted and degenerative agricultural techniques have damaged the arable and cause erosion leading to deforestation of the natural habitat. Our approach is to offer back a sense of belonging and purpose to the youth by educating the community on the practices of regenerative agriculture. This primarily increases agricultural production and offers more sustainable and nutritious production to all family and community members.  We implement this approach by combining different techniques of soil regeneration and reforestation (example production and distribution of planting seedlings or animals for the production of natural manure, all with the capacity to regenerate of the soil, and which we distribute to the community in association with a training to learn how to use them). These activities are carried out by the young people of the villages who also benefit by creating jobs for themselves and for the community in general.
Meanwhile, educating and assisting on agro-ecology (better farming management, recycling of natural waste, tree planting programs) we also promote awareness around health (its link to diet, agriculture, waste and environment). The aim is that we create employment for the youth, we restore abandoned land, we increase the agricultural production, we fight malnutrition, we create additional income for the community, we fight against diseases, we promote accessibility to health and education for the community mainly children, and we restore their connection to the land and the health of the surrounding ecosystem.

Climate Change Mitigation

More than 95% of the population in Burundi, lives by agriculture and livestock, and most of this population  lives in rural areas, more than half of the arable land in this area is degraded, deforestation, the effects of climate change, war, have leaded farmers towards unproductive agriculture, cases of malnourishment increase overnight.

For PVC Burundi, the solution to increase agricultural production while responding to the harmful effects of climate change, is the restoration of land while regenerating it, it is when the land will become productive, as we will respond to this challenge, by using our techniques and products, we can respond to this social problem.

Healthcare for farmers 

More than 90% of the population in rural areas live in extreme poverty, in our region, in this same community which lives mainly from agriculture, has no system of  healthy mutuality , when a member of the family falls ill, it is more difficult to be able to provides himself with health services, what is difficult is to see a family who sell their only goat, which helps them to regenerate the cultivable soil at least sold to pay for the services health, or on another scale, sell the part of his land, that is also insufficient to pay for health service.

Our approach is to ensure that a rural farmer can grow and produce a lot, not only to produce what they eat, but also to generate income in provenance from agricultural products, which can contribute to improving the family health system, including health mutuality.

We want the communities to regain a healthy life, and this can be possible by a simple education but also by the use of natural products rather than the wasteful consumption of industrial products, but also by promoting accessibility to health services.

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